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We are witnessing a tragic moment in our history. We’ve seen George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery’s names added to the bottomless list of those whose lives have been lost to our nation’s long history of white supremacy and systemic racism.

We confront these losses against the backdrop of a devastating pandemic that has again laid bare and exacerbated the inequities that communities of color, especially Black communities, face everyday. In particular, Black women, trans and non-binary people experience the violence of systemic racism in every aspect of their lives—including housing, education, democracy, employment, mass incarceration, and sexual and reproductive health. Meanwhile, white nationalist and right wing movements increasingly have access to the highest reaches of power in this country, endangering Black people, immigrants, and the bodily autonomy of women and trans people. In the face of all this, impacted communities have built a movement of resistance, and are working together to ensure that the lives and dignity of Black people are honored and protected.

We at the Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity stand in solidarity with those fighting for racial justice—particularly our reproductive justice allies who have shown us how entrenched health inequities and state violence against Black people are part of the same system. We honor the courage and perseverance of the Black people who, in partnership with allied women of color, built the reproductive justice movement and serve as beacons of light in this dark time, even as they feel the cumulative trauma of this moment in ways white communities can never fully understand. We are inspired by the ways the indigenous, immigrant, LGBTQ, and disability rights communities are centering and standing in solidarity with their Black members. And we are heartened by the white communities who are showing up in meaningful ways, helping to confront and dismantle the systems that are destroying lives. We maintain hope that a world of racial justice and gender equity is possible. And we commit to use our power and privilege to advance a more just and equitable world—one where every woman, across a full range of identities and experiences, has the knowledge, resources, and power to shape her own life.