Capacity Strengthening Initiative

We believe that investments in individuals and organizations are foundational to developing strong movements and healthy ecosystems of care and action. In support of this aim, CGRE’s Capacity Strengthening Initiative, designed and managed in partnership with the LeadersTrust, includes optional offerings to address organizational and individual capacity and leadership development for current grantee partners.

This initiative includes resources accessible to all CGRE grantee partners and emphasizes support to state-based organizations led by BIPOC and Transgender/Gender Nonconforming (GNC) people. This focus acknowledges that BIPOC- and Transgender/GNC-led organizations, especially those at the state and local levels, have historically been among those with the least regular access to capacity-strengthening resources.



The Flexible Leadership Awards (FLA) program includes the delivery of high-touch, intensive support, including two leadership development awards of $55,000 through 2024, and the support of a Capacity Coach to carry out capacity-strengthening projects defined by the organization’s team.

Flexible Leadership Awards are accessible by invitation only. The invitation process for FLA is now complete. Invitations were based on a variety of factors, including budget size, leadership composition and transitions, recent organizational growth, and access to other capacity-strengthening resources. For more information, please contact your current CGRE program director.



The Fortify Fund (FF) provides responsive support of up to $15,000 for projects that address leadership and organizational challenges or opportunities. The primary requirement of this award is that it be used to address a capacity-strengthening need of the organization. The awards are earmarked for investment in the development of the organization’s people, practices, systems, structure, and culture.

All current CGRE grantee partners who are NOT participating in the FLA or OU programs may apply for Fortify Fund support. Current grantee partners may receive a Fortify Fund award one time. For more information about the Fortify Fund, contact Trishala Deb (Alliance Table grantees), Cristina Uribe (Judicial grantees), or Judy Wright (State Power-Building grantees).

CGRE will have quarterly opportunities for requests throughout 2024. Detailed instructions and the request form are available here.



The Hub connects nonprofit organizations with up-to-date, values aligned, and reliable consulting, coaching, and training resources rooted in intersectional racial equity. As a CGRE grantee, you are granted access to The Hub so you can search and connect with the right fit consultant for your next project, a coach for yourself, or a facilitator for your next retreat, for instance. To access The Hub, please go to the website and create an account. For more information or to request some resource navigation support, please contact Davian Gagne. Davian is available to help you think through your resource needs and guide your search process.