Our Approach

We focus our funding in four core areas that are essential to advancing gender, reproductive, and racial equity, as well as strengthening the capacity of grantee partners:

State Power-Building

We increase the capacity of state-based organizations through both short-term and long-term investments to intervene in key moments, advance policies, and grow support for a pro-equity agenda, with a particular focus on uplifting and supporting leadership in impacted communities, including women, gender-expansive individuals, and BIPOC communities.

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Judicial Strategy

We support organizations and leaders working to develop new pathways for advancing gender, reproductive, and racial equity through the power of state courts.

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The Alliance Table

Our Alliance Table increases the capacity for innovation with organizations responding to coordinated attacks on abortion access, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial justice.

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Responding to Urgent Threats

We maintain a robust Opportunity Fund that allows us to respond to immediate threats and opportunities. Through the Fund, we provide timely resources, so organizers and movement leaders can support their communities when they need it most.

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