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The Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity (CGRE) is a one-of-a-kind funding collaborative and community that creates the space for funders to learn together, amplify the impact of their giving, and accelerate change in five-year increments. We provide funding to unite advocates across issue silos, defend gender, reproductive, and racial equity, and work towards a future where every person has the resources and autonomy to thrive.

CGRE’s funders:

  • Contribute to impact: Participate in a tailored investment strategy to advance gender, reproductive, and racial equity.
  • Go deep on strategy and grants: Receive insights on CGRE’s grantmaking approach and decision-making process.
  • Access expert advice: Have access to an engaged, knowledgeable community of experts, funders, and the CGRE team.
  • Receive recognition: Have the option to be elevated on CGRE platforms and materials as a leader in advancing gender, reproductive, and racial equity.
  • Stay up-to-date: Receive significant updates on CGRE’s work at least three times per year and participate in intimate, one-of-a-kind learning sessions and briefings.

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