The Alliance Table

The Alliance Table is a funding stream supporting innovation, collaboration, and research with organizations working at the intersection of gender, reproductive, and racial justice.

The majority of the U.S. population supports reproductive and gender equity. This majority is one of our greatest strengths. Turning opportunity into action will require us to bring together advocates and communities who have long acted independently to fight for a more equitable future for all.

The Alliance Table works to protect and expand a majority-building infrastructure. We work to support:

  • The development of narrative shifts
  • Diverse coalitions and cohorts with aligned goals
  • Culture change through faith-based organizing efforts, support for communities of emerging allies, and professional associations

When leaders come together through the Alliance Table, they can identify intersections between their goals and utilize shared resources, knowledge, and tactics to build solutions.

“Thanks to the Alliance Table, a core coalition of faith-based reproductive rights and justice groups are now in a position to build long-term strategies and cultivate new partnerships within the faith-rooted repro community. CGRE’s support gives us the capacity to lead the work we are uniquely suited to do: the deep narrative change that will move hearts, change minds, and shift cultural norms around abortion.” Jamie Mason, President, Catholics for Choice