State Power-Building

We provide flexible multi-year support to organizations and issue-based campaigns that build movement power and shift public opinion towards equity at the state level.

Often, investments for equity initiatives are short-term, reactionary stopgaps. This support can’t sustain the momentum our movement leaders need to create long-term change.

We seek to support organizations in key states during and beyond urgent moments, so they are able to respond to threats in real time and continue their movement-building work into the future—supporting their communities in the ways they know best.

To ensure leaders can build long-term power and sustain their programs beyond knee-jerk interventions, we provide multi-year support to state-based organizations and issue-specific campaigns—particularly those led by impacted communities, including women, gender-expansive individuals, and BIPOC communities—who are working towards a vision of equity that includes protecting and advancing economic opportunity, reproductive autonomy, racial justice, and a representative democracy.

The New Mexico Reproductive Health Success Project

To alleviate the burden of restrictive abortion bans exacerbated by the fall of Roe v. Wade, we invested in partners to launch the New Mexico Reproductive Health Success Project, a first-of-its-kind initiative that connects research, service, organizing, and advocacy groups working to create a comprehensive reproductive health center in New Mexico. Not only will this center serve the people of New Mexico, but people from states where reproductive care is banned or restricted, such as Texas, will be able to rely on this facility for the care they need. This is a true testament to the long-term movement building of trusted grantee partners on the ground who collaborated and centered the needs of New Mexico’s diverse communities.

“As a strategic thought partner, CGRE’s investment in the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund’s organizing, advocacy and civic engagement work has bolstered our ability to fight the good fight in the Lone Star State. CGRE’s unique and transformative funding has not only impacted the scope of our programmatic work but has provided the opportunity to focus on capacity building, infrastructure expansion and long-term visioning for the larger progressive movement in our state." Val Benavidez, Executive Director, Texas Freedom Network