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CGRE mourns and stands in solidarity as Roe + Casey overturned

The Supreme Court decision is unsurprising and wholly devastating– as reproductive health, rights and justice movement leaders foretold. This ruling is part of a coordinated set of attacks on our fundamental rights, is rooted in white supremacy, and takes a sledgehammer to our democracy.

we are currently experiencing a wide array of historic threats to gender, reproductive and racial equity.

But amid these challenges, we also have an unprecedented opportunity: to strengthen a diverse, durable nationwide movement that can create a world where all people, especially low-income women; Black, Indigenous and other women of color; and trans and gender inclusive people, have the resources and power to shape their own lives.

Cgre women group

reshaping the landscape + anticipating the future

We focus on three core areas that are essential to advancing equity and defending existing progress:

  1. Building power at the state level

  2. Advancing equity through the judicial system

  3. Uniting movement partners