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Our Mission

mobilizing funders to support gender + reproductive equity

Established in 2018, CGRE aims to raise $100 million annually in new funding to pursue select, transformational opportunities. Our vision is a world where every woman across a full range of identities and experiences has the knowledge, resources, and power to shape her own life. By working together and pooling resources, we can go further, and faster in support of that vision.

Focus Areas

reshaping the landscape + anticipating the future

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movement-building + civic engagement

We support the creation of strong, diverse coalitions advocating for and driving policies that enable all women to thrive, especially low-income women, women of color, and trans and gender non-conforming people.

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We use our collective resources to ensure access to high quality reproductive healthcare, including contraception, sexual health services and abortion services.

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judicial + legal

We’re invested in establishing a progressive judiciary at all levels and creating proactive legal strategies that advance gender and reproductive equity.

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Our Values

cultivating courage + advancing the field

We embrace innovation and creativity. We operate with deep respect for the field and trust our partners to define their own purpose, while elevating the priorities of those most impacted. We know long-term change is only possible through committed intersectional collaboration. So we listen. We honor diverse perspectives. And whatever challenges we face, we remain stubborn optimists.


Margaret Hempel


Executive Director

Margaret specializes in strategy development + donor collaboratives with expertise in women’s rights in the US + globally. Margaret holds a M.A. from Princeton, a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University + is a Columbia Business School/Teachers College certified leadership coach.

Trishala Deb


Senior Program Officer

Trishala is a social worker + community organizer with expertise in movements focusing on HIV, police violence, gender justice + LGBTST rights. Trishala holds a B.A. from UNC Greensboro.

Rae Williams


Operations Associate

Rae harnesses her background in communication strategies + social determinants of health to optimize project and organizational processes. Rae holds a M.P.A + a B.S. from Rutgers University.

Judy Wright


Senior Program Officer

Judy’s career has spanned the fields of community organizing, education + institutional philanthropy, always with a focus on advancing social justice. Judy holds a M.Ed. from Cleveland State University + a B.S. from Northwestern University.

Jen Wylegala


Director of Philanthropy

Jen Wylegala is an experienced philanthropic advisor, director + strategist with specialties in charitable and political giving. Jen holds a M.A. from New York University + a B.A. from Loyola University Maryland.

Special thanks to consultants

Susan Bell and Associates, Firebelly Design, Rebecca Nichols, Redstone Strategy Group, Marisha Wignaraja and many others who have made this work possible.

Contact Us

more info coming in summer 2020. in the meantime, say hello.